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PhotoCamel Interview – Feb 2nd, 2008


Last year I was asked to participate in a “live” online interview over at PhotoCamel. I have to confess that I had never heard of this site before, and was surprised to find that it was highly organized and quite large – looks like a huge resource there, if you aren’t already familiar with it!

link to the interview and a funny story after the jump

Surprise, Arizona (Phoenix) Lighting Workshop

Vistas at Asant TahomaJust back from the last Interiors Lighting workshop, in Phoenix, AZ. Specifically, it was in the middle of nowhere Surprise, Arizona, about 30 minutes away.

17 photographers, two townhouses, about 50 lightstands and speedlights,  assorted umbrellas, reflectors, and diffusers, and more Pocket Wizards/Cybersyncs/Wein Peanuts than you can shake a stick at! Read more after the Jump