The All iPhone, Off-Camera Lighting Headshot


WARNING: Take a table of photographers, way too many iPhones, a few pints of beer, and you could end up with this.

Last night I met with photographers Aaron Leitz, John Galfano, Dan Achatz, Russell Byrne, and Malia Campbell for a few drinks at The Elysian, in Seattle. After spending a few minutes lamenting the new iPhone (which few of us could afford), we tested the limits of the ones we had:


I'm posting this photo publicly to undermine any potential blackmail schemes.

That’s Russ Byrne holding the iPhone hairlight, yours truly holding an iPhone fill light, and the arm of John Galfano holding the iPhone key light on the right. We used the myLite app to turn the phones into mini softboxes, and under the direction of Malia, positioned them to provide perfect lighting for this world-class portrait, captured on Malia’s iPhone (iMia).

The best camera is the one you have with you! Cheers!

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