Interiors Photo Workshops Recap – 2009

Photo by John Becker

The spectacular photo above was made by John Becker at the Raleigh session of the Interiors Photo Workshops. He was still weeping after shooting the #@$$%!  kitchen shot in that house – but obviously he emerged strong enough to pull off a photo like this!

Last Saturday was the final Interiors Photo Workshop of the year, in balmy Houston. In a way, it couldn’t have worked out better: we started the year with the Chicago workshop (January 4th), where the high temperature was 4 degrees f, and the low about 5 degrees below zero. Houston was a suitable bookend: we hit about 95 degrees on Saturday. But, it was a wet heat.

Hoo, boy.

I have to say, it’s been a fun ride. Seattle (twice), LA, Chicago, Phoenix, Raleigh, Denver, D.C., Houston. I got to meet colleagues from around the country, and even around the world (we had photographers from Canada at nearly every class; and even one from Down Under). Click HERE to see a slideshow of images made by workshop participants. You people rocked!


They weren’t easy. Without the help of Doug Cranmer there would have been no website, and no online registration, so a big thank-you is in order there. Even with that, there were emails, phone calls, planning sessions (which with Grubba and I usually means alcohol: dirty martini for him, vodka martini up with a twist for me), and travel arrangements to make. It adds up — I need an assistant!

IMG_0222To teach on Saturday means traveling on Friday, which in turn means crowding an entire week’s shooting into Mon-Thurs. If the workshop is in the right-hand side of the country, the time zone thing would kick in and we’d be getting up Saturday around 3:00 a.m. our time to go scout the location and plan the day. Around 7:30 or 8:00, participants would start arriving, and it was non-stop mayhem until after 6:00 p.m. Thomas & I usually had a side bet going over which student would fall asleep during the end-of-day Q&A session.


In some ways, the most fun was the post-workshop dinner; get 8 or 10 photographers around a table and it doesn’t take long for the iphones to come out, the stories to get, uh, interesting, and the subject matter to get, shall we say, wide-ranging.


Thanks to our sponsors: Lennar Corp, Nik Software (Seattle & LA), and Adobe!

As I head into the busiest season of the year for me, workshops are sort of on hold; but I’m conspiring to produce more this winter. Stay tuned.

A few candids:


Thomas & Kim Perrina getting lunch ready in Phoenix


Connie Grisley (left) and Ginger Monteleone getting lost in a forest of lightstands; Raleigh


Back to back shooting, sort of.


Jerry Bridges shows off a bedroom shot


I was served this for breakfast at the Awful House in Raleigh, NC. I have absolutely no idea what it is.


Grubba explains

4 responses to “Interiors Photo Workshops Recap – 2009

  1. Maybe I should write to Bon Appetite and request that ‘Awful House’ recipe. I wonder what kind of meat they are hiding in there-could it be something exotic and local, like raccoon? 🙂

  2. In the Navy, that was referred to loosely as ‘S.O.S’ or Sh** On a Shingle!

  3. Scott, any plans to do any workshops near Dallas in 2010?

  4. Jeff, I don’t have a solid US sked yet.

    I’m workin’ on it.