Fine Art Show at Cafe 504

1500_Park_FOYERIf you’re ever in my neighborhood at about 7:10 a.m., you can usually find me (weekdays) at the third table in Cafe 504, the best coffee shop in California. (I was going to say “world”, but that distinction goes to Victrola, in Seattle)

And starting October 2nd, 504 gets even better – my fine art show of Staircase photos opens and runs through to November! Plus, as a bonus, I’m printing a collection of iPhone photos and including them in the show. Stop by and see ’em!


iPhone railroad thingamabob

I’m stoked about the whole thing, but especially the iPhone part. If you read this blog at all, you know I love to take random iPhone photos all the time. I love the way the iPhone camera has no controls, no decisions – just “click”. It forces you to either A) not care, or B) make art. The iPhone pics in my show are “straight out of the phone”, with no processing other than in-camera apps. I’m partial to CameraBag, if you’re wondering, and also use PhotoGene on occassion, especially for cropping.

Anyway, I’m not sure yet if there’s an opening reception, but if there is, you’ll be invited to come swill boxed wine, eat Cheese Whiz and Ritz crackers, and have a few laughs!

3 responses to “Fine Art Show at Cafe 504

  1. 1) I’ll be there!
    2) Victrola? What about Uptown?