Interview on Real Estate Photography Podcast

Mike Miriello asked me to record an audio interview for his blog, Real Estate Photography Podcast a couple weeks ago. It’s up now, and if you can stand the thought of listening to me ramble incoherently for an hour, you can take a listen. Mike also shows three photos of mine and asks me to talk through the creative process on them – that occurs about 30 minutes in.

I would embed the video here, but I’m damned if I can figure out how to do it.

Update: Smart Friend ™ rescued me again!

Updated update: My Girlfriend ™ rescued me again!  (note to self: do not refer to “gf” as “sf”. Doubleplus ungood.)

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Thanks, Mike – it was fun!

3 responses to “Interview on Real Estate Photography Podcast

  1. Just finished listening to the whole thing. Laughed out loud multiple times. Can’t believe you managed a Kinko’s for that long… good stuff.