Lohrman’s Economic Stimulus Plan

I’ve been assuming that everyone who reads this blog (and I mean both of you) is already tuned in to Larry Lohrman’s “Photography For Real Estate” blog – which is absolutely Grand Central Station for all things related to the field. But it turns out that some of you haven’t yet made the discovery.

Today Larry announced that his twin tomes of teaching, “Photography For Real Estate“, and “The Business of Real Estate Photography” are on sale. If you buy each book separately, it’s still the full cover price ($35 for one, $40 for the other), but if you buy them both, you can have both titles for a measly 44 clams.

I had the opportunity to review “Photography for Real Estate” when it first came out, and I can assure you it’s worth the money for someone who’s starting out in the business. “The Business of…” title is certainly at least as valuable. Larry updates the content pretty often, and since it’s an e-book, when you buy it you are also buying a lifetime subscription to updates. Your book will never be obsolete.

He didn’t mention a termination date for the sale – but I wouldn’t delay. If you don’t have these books, get ’em. And read ’em.

2 responses to “Lohrman’s Economic Stimulus Plan

  1. Oh come on — there’s got to be more than two of us. Maybe your readers are just mostly self-reliant introverts who eschew cyber fame. You should feel special to be mentoring such an awesome bunch.

    Oh, and I’ve got both of Larry’s e-books and I concur that they’re good value, especially for neophytes like myself.


  2. I read his blog (and yours!) every day. Also just ordered the book. Great resources!