Announcing Interiors Photography Workshops in Spain, Australia

Exciting news today — I’ve finalized arrangements for Interiors Photo Workshops in Màlaga, Spain, and Brisbane, Australia, for January and February of 2010!

There will be more details coming, which will be posted both here and on the main Workshops site, but here’s the bullet:

First up is Spain. That’s the builders’ exterior photo of our teaching venue at the top of this post. This workshop will take place on Monday, January 11th Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, near Màlaga.


Construction photo of our Màlaga venue. The house will be completely staged and styled by January.

The venue is an utterly spectacular villa (1300+ square metres) in the La Zagaleta development, which is outside Marbella, which is outside Màlaga, which is on the South Coast of Spain. We’ll have the run of the place from 9:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., during which time I’ll be talking, demonstrating, and coaching the EIGHT participants. Eight’s the limit, so get registered soon if you want to take part in this. I think it’s worth it just for the chance to shoot a world-class house. This place is in the final days of construction as I write this, but I’ve seen the scouting photos and it’s pretty cool. We’re talking big rooms, big views, infinity pool, the works.


Builders' photo of the Brisbane, AU venue.

Next, it’ll be Brisbane, Australia. This is scheduled for Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010. My first order of business there will be to educate the locals in how to speak with a proper Aussie accent. Following that, I’ll be teaching in another rather spectacular 4-bedroom bit of new construction on Bribie Island, about an hour or so from Brisbane International. This place (as with the Spain venue) is large, shiny, and very nicely staged. And as with the Spanish workshop, it’s an all-day affair, consisting of (short) lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice with coaching from me. I can guarantee you that you’ll be very, very tired by the end of the day.

Brisbane venue's kitchen. We'll be looking to improve on this....

But hopefully not so tired that you can’t join me for dinner and a few beers afterwards!

I can only accommodate eight students at each location. More, and Scott gets run ragged. So if you even think you’re interested, get serious about it soon – email me if you’ve got questions, study the workshop registration page, make your plans, because I’m expecting these to sell out quickly. There is the potential to add a second day in each location, if demand is really high.


You register via PayPal – I expect a registration link to be live on the Workshop Website within 24 hours. Meantime, you can email me and I’ll send you instructions on how to secure your spot. Once the website is updated, it’ll be ground zero for details about both locations, as well as the US locations I hope to be announcing soon (Phoenix tops the list, fyi). But of course there will be plenty of information here, too.

The fee for the Màlaga workshop is $330 EU. Brisbane will be something similar, I’ll have an exact number by tomorrow, so stay tuned. There are plenty of hotels and restaurants near both locations, and again, that information will be prominently displayed here and on the workshop website.

I think both of these are going to be a LOT of fun, a fantastic learning opportunity, and not least a great chance to shoot a world-class house and gain some killer portfolio material.

See you there!

17 responses to “Announcing Interiors Photography Workshops in Spain, Australia

  1. Woooot.
    Just paid. I am IN.
    Thanks so much Scott Spain!

  2. Very interested in Brisbane! Love to know when the detail is up for it.

  3. Very interested in the brissy workshop.
    Any chance of doing one in the Sydney area while you’re here?

  4. Hi Scott,

    That’s a big yes from me, please accept my application and please let me know when I can register and pay.


  5. Hi Scott,
    Great to hear you are visiting us in Australia. I would love to attend a workshop – any possibility of one in Melbourne.
    Kind Regards,

  6. Definitely count me in on the Brissie workshop. However if you add one to either Sydney or Melbourne…or Hobart..:-)..I would change to that

  7. Went to register, and nearly wound up at the Spain workshop!!!!…as much as I would like to……
    Gather there will be a page to come for the Brisbane w/shop?? or have I missed something???

  8. Hi everyone, Wow, looks like there could be some serious talent in the house! I’m really looking forward to both events!
    There will be a registration page up very soon, and I’ll put a blog post up when it’s live.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you folks at last!

  9. Happy to come to Brisbane, happier to go to Sydney, over the moon if you would come to Adelaide.

  10. Gday Scott,

    This sounds great, sign me up. I look forward to seeing some details.


  11. For attendees of the Brisbane workshop that need accommodation (within a mile of the venue) I suggest the Bribie Hotel…

    Bribie Isld Hotel. Contact Katrina
    ++61 7 3408 7477

    Motel style rooms sleep 2, AUD100 per night per room, $10 per extra person.

    If you book, tell her you are there for the PFRE workshop as there’s the possibility of a discount proportional to the number of attendees that stay there.

  12. “The fee for the Màlaga workshop is $330 EU.”

    Can I clarify if that’s 330 US dollars or euros?
    Thanks Scott

  13. Paul, that’s in Euros.

  14. Scott, I’m curious… do you balance all your strobes to tungsten? I see that all your tungsten lights are very clean white and your windows are balanced nicely as well. If you could talk a little about how you manage color balance day and evening, I’d would appreciate the insight.

  15. Jeff,
    No, my white balance is usually somewhere between 4000K and 4900K.
    Color and white balance is a big, big topic, which I’ll try to address in a future post.