Being a PA Can Be Stressful

I should probably pay her more….

Before Take-Off.

After Take-Off.

5 responses to “Being a PA Can Be Stressful

  1. Quit waving and smiling when I’m trying to tell you that I’m going to vomit!! >:@

  2. Dude, nobody wants vomit in their 172.

    How did the shots turn out? Nice quality video from an iPhone…I could see that you were between the sun and your subject. Did you have sufficient zoom with your 70-200? Did the IS handle the buffeting/vibration?

    My last aerial was from a helicopter, doors off. The vibration was an issue but the IS handled it fine with the correct technique. Every picture turned out sharp – big aperture plus full sun gave fast shutter speeds. It was helpful to brief the pilot beforehand – I told him the approximate distance I needed from the subject and had him do a spiraling corkscrew down and around which gave us shots from multiple vantage points and elevations. It was a waterfront hotel.

    • Dave, photos came out great. Everything is embargoed for a few weeks, but there will certainly be some photos from this project featured here in the future.
      iPhone is really wide-angle, so the house appears much farther away than it really is. I was able to fill the frame with the house at 200mm.
      The 70-200 f/2.8 IS rocks! I had f/5.6 at 1/1000th, ISO 200 for this shoot, and with the IS, everything came out sharp. Shooting from a helo would be awesome, but not in the budget for this gig.

  3. Wow..That looks like fun! Malia is cracking me up! Poor girl!

  4. Nice! I always find it hard to shoot out of planes. Without open windows you can forgett it, and with open windows it is loud like hell, it’s just hard to concentrate. And then you have no space whatsoever. But I would love to see the result of this flight 😉