iPhone Photo of the Day

Ok, Ok…..this one got some PhotoGene action. I had to boost the exposure in the foreground.

Just back from 5 days in Death Valley – with no camera! This was the only photo I made the whole time, and it’s taken on the morning I was driving out of the park (location is Hwy. 190, about 4 miles north of Cow Creek).

Sometimes, a vacation with no camera is just necessary. Watching the Orionids on a moonless night (5-6 meteors per minute; 3 fireballs per hour), hiking canyons looking for tarantulas (final count: 8), pulling old military hardware out of the backcountry (19 shell casings, 3 missile tubes – yes, I said missile tubes…WTF? — assorted other metallic crap) and getting 10 hours of sleep a night (I love winter camping!) meant that I missed my 5D….. NOT. AT. ALL.

But now I’m back home, did a nice shoot today for a builder I hadn’t heard from for years, and I’m feeling totally recharged! Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be finalizing my plans for 2010; both in terms of my photography, and this blog.

2 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. karl hoelscher

    Wimp! hahaha Death Valley in winter!