On The Roof

Sometimes you just never know what you’re going to get.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling grouchy because I had to back in to San Francisco to pick up an exterior shot of a high-rise condo that I couldn’t get the day before due to A) rain, and B) the giant moving truck that pulled up in front just as I was setting up for my (rainy) shot.

That’s how I ended up walking back to this place from the Bart station, tripod over my shoulder, umbrella in the other hand, with my own personal dark cloud over my head. I shot the exterior by holding the umbrella over the camera and waiting for breaks in traffic. Then I headed inside where I asked the security guy for access to the roof deck. The rain seemed to be slacking off and I thought I might have a chance at a view shot, which had been impossible the day before.

Once I got up there, I realized that the rain had more or less stopped completely, and the light was getting really, really nice. I looked around and saw a ladder leading up to the top of the elevator shaft. “Almost certainly against the rules,” I thought. “The security guy will pitch a FIT if I go up there.”

I climbed up, and got a series of cityscapes that buoyed my mood for the rest of the day.

8 responses to “On The Roof

  1. I like your processing on these. Vaguely tilt shifted, vaguely HDR’d, vaguely… something else…

  2. Really nice images Scott. I really the one with the steam and the bridge on the background.

  3. Oh yeah I see what Malia means.. Some almost look like 3D renderings.
    Right place, right time Scott!

  4. Amazing images, Scott. These would sell as stock too, definitely.

    Are these single exposure images or multi-exposure blends?

    • Single exposures, Ian. The post-rain light was really great.
      Thing is, I really wavered about even going up there…part of me just wanted to go back home and deliver the basics, but thankfully my “rabid photographer” side prevailed and made me go and look….lesson learned.

  5. These are awesome! Kinda reminds me of playing SimCity many years ago.

    Great bit of processing as well, just enough to catch the eye.

  6. Beautiful shots, and a great reminder (for me) to
    keep moving out there, with eyes and mind open,
    moods and all.

  7. I especially love the shot with the Bay Bridge. What a beautiful city…