Portfolio Review – Chapter Six: Moving On

It’s Back!

Just when you thought you’d escaped, I’m back with a leaner, faster, sexier portfolio review. This week we’re heading out to Arizona, to take a look at the work of an established real estate shooter. I titled this one “Moving On” because it seems to me that this photographer is producing consistent work that should please most real estate clientele — but if he wants to “move on” and shoot bigger/better/harder material, which can have lot$ of benefit$, he’s going to have to make some changes.

As always, I’m NOT linking to websites, and not naming names in print, to avoid getting a Google stain on our hero’s nice website; please follow suit if you’re going to cross-post this. And as always, let’s remember that I’m just a guy, and my opinions are only valuable when you think about them and challenge them. Cultivate multiple streams of feedback, use them wisely, shoot what you like.

Today’s episode clocks in around 25 minutes…sit back, pour some wine (I recorded this while drinking a cheap glass of Syrah) and enjoy!

4 responses to “Portfolio Review – Chapter Six: Moving On

  1. Great, informative review Scott. You mention shapes & rule of thirds…one of these days can you show some examples of these concepts and how they make for better architectural photos?

    • Dave, you bet. Composition is something that’s very much on my mind lately, because I want to really up my game in that respect.
      As soon as I can figure out the best way to get my ideas into blog form, I’ll do it!

  2. I love these critiques. I’ve only seen 6 and 7 so far, but I’m certainly going to dig back in your blog to find the others. I really feel there’s almost no better way to learn the overarching aesthetics of a genre.

    So, thanks for doing it.

  3. I just learned a whole lot from watching your vids, many thanks Scott! I will be watching all of these when I get time. Makes me realise how much I have to learn, and how many Speedlights I need to buy 😉 One request – any chance of HD on Vimeo? shame to see your work so compressed.