Went Fishing, Bagged a Squid

Using a lot of Speedlights in my work, I have a LOT of rechargeable AA batteries to deal with every night. 36 of them, in fact.

I’m fairly fastidious about housekeeping, and I always found it messy to have power strips everywhere for all my battery chargers – I have 9 AA chargers, plus a couple of chargers for camera batts, and there’s always a need for a place to plug in a laptop, or external speakers, or whatever. Traditional power strips are useless for this stuff, because battery chargers take up so much space that you’re lucky to get 3 of them on a 9-outlet strip!

On a recent trip to the hardware store, my GF found the solution — a Squid!!

I tried my best to think of why this was just a silly female notion, and how she should leave the hardware-buying to a man…..but damn all if this isn’t pretty darned brilliant. Here’s what I’m talking about:

It’s like a power strip, but flexible, see? It cost about $17, and I got 3 of these 3-way plugin thingies for $2 each. Now I can plug in as many as 15 (low-voltage) things, and it hardly takes up any space at all! In fact, I keep it stuffed under the couch most of the time. The key word here is “low-voltage”, because if you start plugging in things like toasters and hair-dryers, you’re either going to pop a circuit breaker, or burn down the house. But AA battery chargers don’t draw much current at all, so for this application I’m OK.

10 responses to “Went Fishing, Bagged a Squid

  1. Nice Idea. And helps keep your stuff together for the packup. Nothing like forgetting to pack up a $100 worth of stuff. Oooch. Yeah, I did that.

    I read on a site that it’s important to keep similarly charged batteries together. I now color code every group of four AA with color tape and charge them together.

    Go to batteryuniversity.com

  2. “low voltage”

    The phrase you’re looking for is “low wattage”. Everything that plugs into the wall uses 110 Volts.

  3. The only thing better would be a charger that handles 36 batteries!

  4. Good call, Jakob. Scott, you are a wonderful photographer, but I think you’d make a terrible engineer.

    Ever consider getting a couple of those 8-cell MAHA chargers? Nice, though not cheap. But a big time photographer like you ought to be able to afford a couple! πŸ™‚

  5. Wattage, Schmattage….

    Jeez! You guys are a tough audience! But, as someone who was lucky to get out of high school, and who flunked out of college, I can say that you’re absolutely right, Jake — I’d make a terrible engineer!
    But at least I had the concept right — avoid overloading a circuit with stuff that draws a lot of current….right?

  6. You have coffee stains on your backdrop.

  7. I am outlet challenged as well. I feel your pain.

    I’m actually surprised you are using seemingly “dumb” chargers for your batteries. I swear by my LaCrosse 900 series charger that let’s me choose charging current and is actually 4 discrete chargers in one. I can monitor input voltage, current, mAh so far, etc.

    I believe it will extend the life of the Sanyo Eneloop and Sony Cycleenergy cells I can’t live without.

  8. I really enjoy your blog…but heaven please….next time you take a picture of your bare feet, please put a NSFW warning up!!! πŸ˜‰ Great find, I am squid hunting myself now.