Live from Bribie Island

G’day, Mates!

I’m going to try and blog at least once a day during my stay in the land of OZ – beginning tonight. This is coming to you from my awesome rental house in Woorim, just a block from the beach. As I write this, a veritable typhoon is blowing outside, which is a good thing because it’s keeping the heat down!

Malia says it was 30 hours of travel from my home in Oakland to our home-away-from-home here on Bribie. We’re feeling pretty good, considering, but still…..I’m gonna sleep well tonight. We’re off for an early dinner and probably going to call it an early night. We’re tired.

Tomorrow I’ll be scouting the house that I’ll be teaching in for the following 3 days; I’ll post some pictures from that tomorrow.

2 responses to “Live from Bribie Island

  1. Welcome to Brisbane Scott!

  2. Beachless Jack


    Make sure you take some photos of the erosion at Woorim that has taken my beach away. This erosion has been largely caused by some very poor decisions by the local Council. Of course the high winds have just made things much worse.