Portfolio Review: Chapter Seven — “Curating”

Back again with Chapter Seven….and a guest reviewer. In this Chapter, I travel back Down Under along with fellow interiors photographer Aaron Leitz, to take a look at Jon’s website. Jon is actually a Kiwi infiltrating living in Queensland,  (north of Brisbane) and is putting out some great work. Great enough, in fact, that it’s hard to find meaningful fault in his images, at least as far as they pertain to real estate. His clients have gotta be happy, and so Aaron and I found ourselves focusing more on the presentation rather than nit-picking shadows and comps. I’ve met Jon, and narrowly missed an opportunity to see his band play a few weeks ago. Seriously regretting that now…..

If you haven’t heard of Aaron Leitz already, you will. I first met Aaron online almost four years ago, and in person maybe two years ago. From time to time, when we find ourselves in the same town, we’ve downed a beer or two and Aaron never fails to have something fresh to discuss that I’ve never heard of before. He’s also the only guy I know who can say things like, “My favorite interiors photographer in Philadelphia.”

Philadelphia? He’s up on the scene in Philly? ….I don’t know half the interiors guys in my home town!

Seriously, though, check out Aaron’s work HERE, and keep an eye out for the upcoming launch of his own blog, which I’m eagerly awaiting.

As always, let’s keep in mind the ground rules for Portfolio Review: First, we’re not mentioning (or printing) full names, in order to protect the guilty. Please do the same if you’re cross-posting, we wouldn’t want Jon’s clients Googling him and discovering a video with two guys criticizing his work.

Second, keep in mind that these are the opinions of two dudes sitting in a living room on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, looking at websites instead of going outside and actually doing something. Lame. Critique is only as valuable as the amount of effort you put into receiving it, or something like that. Point is, this blog is not the ultimate aribiter of what makes a good photograph — far from it!

And third, if  you’d like to see your portfolio reviewed here, send me a link along with a little background info on yourself and your goals, and I’ll add it to the list.

This review clocks in at just about 40 minutes, give or take. Enjoy!

3 responses to “Portfolio Review: Chapter Seven — “Curating”

  1. Thanks so much Scott and Aaron for taking the time out to critique my site. I’ll be doing some tuning soon. I found your comments very helpful.
    A slab of Fosters is in the mail 😉

  2. Have now curated the crap out of my site…just so’s you know your efforts were acted apon. I’ve been thinking about the wisdom of my ‘widescreen’ aspect ratio for a while now, so may finally get around to returning it somewhat closer to 4:3.