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Simplicity Rocks

There’s just something about these images I really like.

I went with a 3-wall composition because 2 walls would have been too damn boring! Sometimes just a sliver of the third wall is all it takes to impart some added depth, without creating the distorted bowling-alley effect.

Tech stuff aside, though, I think I just like the plain, unadorned simplicity of these. I can see a black-and-white project slowly coming together in my mind….

Extreme Real Estate Marketing

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We now continue with our original programming….

The video above was created by Quentin Bacon, with whom I’ve collaborated before. Be sure to click the “Full Screen” button so you can appreciate the incredible quality Quentin got shooting with the Canon 5d Mark II.

Your typical real estate video is pretty awful. Some guy rests a camcorder on his shoulder and walks through the house, giving you motion sickness (and a deep sense of dread as he approaches yet another stairwell). Worse yet are the ones where the real estate agent tries to become a TV personality.

Quentin’s vision was a little different. He left the house itself mostly to me (to capture with stills), and focused instead on lifestyle. If you take a look through the property website, you’ll see that many of my photos also feature people; a big part of the creative vision for this campaign was to showcase the lifestyle one has at this house. Video and Stills were planned to complement each other; there’s some overlap, but some things we felt were better suited to one medium or the other, so we didn’t try to duplicate everything. You’ll also see images made by my associate, Patti Chandler, who spent one long day shooting and assisting me on some of the key interior shots. More, and a bunch of photos, after the jump