Simplicity Rocks

There’s just something about these images I really like.

I went with a 3-wall composition because 2 walls would have been too damn boring! Sometimes just a sliver of the third wall is all it takes to impart some added depth, without creating the distorted bowling-alley effect.

Tech stuff aside, though, I think I just like the plain, unadorned simplicity of these. I can see a black-and-white project slowly coming together in my mind….

4 responses to “Simplicity Rocks

  1. Very nicely done… Shooting vacant properties can be difficult… but nice color that pops, great composition, and even better exposure – make me want to spend a moment in the room.
    Well done!

  2. Colorful walls, tall painted baseboards and window casings certainly help to make a boring, empty room an interesting shot.

    Sometimes the simplest subjects can present the greatest challenges…

    Nice goin!

  3. You should look at the work of my belgian collegue Koen van Damme. He is a true master of these minimalistic compositions: Enjoy!

  4. I like the three-wall composition. I dread shooting empty homes!