Interiors Lighting Workshops – Phoenix, Vero Beach

After a few months hiatus, I’m stoked to announce two US workshops this summer — Phoenix Arizona, and Vero Beach Florida.

First up will be Phoenix. This is in conjunction with the Arizona PPA – where I’ll be speaking at the monthly meeting in Tempe on August 2nd. July 31st and August 1st will be lighting workshops, on the outskirts of Phoenix. This workshop will be held in a very cool Lennar model home – check it out HERE.

Just a couple of weeks later I’ll be in Vero Beach Florida — again with Saturday/Sunday sessions in a really nice model by Westmark Development – see it HERE. This one is scheduled for August 14th and August 15th.

If you aren’t familiar with these workshops, check out the WORKSHOP WEBSITE, where I’m hoping to have registration links up in the near future. In the meantime, if you want to get registered early, you can PayPal your tuition — see below for details on that. And, there are a few articles on this blog that go into detail, as well. Search “workshop”, but be sure to start with THIS ONE. I just re-read that, and it reminded me to STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE WAFFLE HOUSE while on the road!!! (Travel tip from Scott: just because it’s a national chain, doesn’t mean it’s safe to eat there. Write that one down, folks.)

The workshop is one full day (it’s the same thing on Saturday and Sunday, just pick one day). I’ll do some demonstration shooting, but you’ll be doing a LOT of shooting of your own – bring your gear! We’ll start out easy, and work our way up to the tricky, multi-room, nuanced stuff we all love. It’s a maximum of 8 students per day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to shoot, get critiques, ask questions, and generally have a good time. There’s quite a bit of networking going on at these things too.

Here’s what a few participants had to say after their workshop.

And, here’s a slideshow of student images from last year. These people rocked.

As I mentioned above – eventually there will be a registration link working on the workshop website. But if you want to reserve your spot now, you can simply PayPal the tuition to Scott(at)ScottHargisPhoto(dot)com. I’ll hit you back with an email letting you know I got it, and confirming everything. Be sure to say for which city, and which day, you’re registering. It’s first-come, first-served up to 8 people per day.

I’ll pull together some more detail on each of these and do a separate, in-depth post for each city, but here’s the bullet:

Phoenix: July 31st/August 1st, tuition $360 (fly into PHX)

Vero Beach: August 14th/15th, tuition $360 (fly into Orlando, or even better is Melbourne)

One note – these workshops are not for everybody. You need to have (and understand) some specific equipment first – take a read through the “Is this workshop for me” section on the Workshop Website, and hit me up with an email if you’re not sure.

Again, watch here for details on both locations, starting with Phoenix, which is just 8 weeks away!

7 responses to “Interiors Lighting Workshops – Phoenix, Vero Beach

  1. Hey Scott, great to hear about these workshops… really love your work. Do you have any plans to do lighting workshops in the Midwest…like Kansas City? Denver, St. Louis would also be close enough. Thanks!

    • Nothing else planned right now, Chad. I was in Denver & Chicago last year, though! KC would be fun, for sure (maybe Arthur’s for lunch….hmm…)

  2. wondering if you will be producing a video on this subject for purchase? that would be great as it can be referenced over and over again. thanks.

  3. Hi Scott – just want to put in another request for a midwest workshop (Detroit? Chicago? Cleveland?)

    Just thought of another: northern Michigan (Traverse City, Charlevoix, Petoskey, Harbor Springs). Beautiful area, magnificent homes.

    Keep up the great work!

    • I don’t really set most of these up – generally someone interested sources a venue and then contacts me to coordinate the logistics. If the location makes sense (Chicago would work) and my schedule allows, then we do it.

  4. Well. I hope you do this again. The only two weekend dates I had booked this summer are the two your workshops are on.

  5. Hi Scott! I love your work. I am just getting started in the area of real estate photography and was wondering if you have any seminars planned for the mid-west (Chicago) either this year or 2012. Thank you for all of the helpful advise you offer!