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More Miller-Warnecke Goodness

You may remember this Miller Warnecke staircase I shot a few weeks ago — here’s another from the same project. Enjoy!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scouting an upcoming shoot…

Scott Hargis Photo

iPhone Architectural

Scott Hargis Photo

Master Bath

The key to photographing this gorgeous master ensuite was to get inside the designer’s mind and pull together the elements that were in his/her vision. The colors are clearly drawn from the outdoors, greens and wood grains, which are also incorporated in the glass panels over the sinks (more visibile in this angle:)

The view out the center window is foliage and sky, and the left and right panels, with inlaid twig patterns, provide a beautiful continuity while preserving the user’s privacy. Twin mirrors mounted in front of the glass add a 3-dimensional quality as well.

I wanted to make sure the wood grains glowed the way I experienced them on-site, and retaining the subtle colors in the glass was critical. I felt that the exposure of the view in the mirrors had to match that of the vanity and surroundings; this turned out to the be most difficult aspect of the shot.

I’m quite pleased with the result, and the top image is on my short list for inclusion in an upcoming portfolio update.

Phoenix Lighting Workshop

As I mentioned last week, I’m stoked to announce two US workshops this summer — Phoenix, Arizona, and Vero Beach, Florida. Phoenix is first up (July 31/August 01) so here’s some more detail on that one. I’ll follow up with some info on Vero Beach later this week. Continue reading

Live From the Field

Headshot Day!

Scott Hargis Photo