iPhone Architectural

Scott Hargis Photo

8 responses to “iPhone Architectural

  1. Is this that gallery we went to in Brisbane?

  2. Got to admit I wish I could read these posts via my RSS reader.

    • I remember dealing with this a few months ago, but I can’t remember what happened…..what is an RSS reader, and why can’t you read the posts?

      • Hi Scott how are ya? Remember me signing up for the Malaga workshop the just after you published? The power of RSS readers! I love reader.google.com
        I am reading all my subscribed sites on my iPhone several times a day. I can’t imagine going to check out every single website and load graphics, scripts and adds. Just the wordz!

        Ok for WordPress, in your admin panel goto:
        Settings > Reading >
        For each article in a feed, show:
        • Full text

        Take care!

  3. RSS = good for you maybe, but bad for me for sure. My understanding is that RSS “views” don’t count as visits to my blog. I put a lot of work into this thing, and I’d like to get something back in the form of Google Juice. It’s a photography blog, after all, so there’s not much point to reading it if you can’t see the pictures.

  4. RSS = I understand the need for Google Juice, Good for everyone … I think it’s easy to configure so you publish just a brief few lines in the RSS, a teaser so to speak and a link to the main page – so google will see it.