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iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

For Sale – Update: SOLD!

I’m getting sick of the weird and wacky world of Craigslist, so in case anyone out there is interested… trusty Canon 17-40L 4.0 is for sale! I came into a new one, so it’s time to let my old companion go. I sent it to the Canon CPS repair center in Irvine, CA for a checkup and it came back with a clean bill of health — that means no fungus, focus is calibrated, no scratches, everything is officially factory-spec. I’ll provide that documentation to the buyer.

Comes with the original box, bag, end cap and a new hood. $600 gets you all that, and a bag of chips!

Listen to Me Ramble…

…at the Arizona Professional Photographer’s Association monthly meeting in Tempe, AZ, Monday the 2nd of August. I’ll be speaking and showing photos from 7:00 to 9:00pm at the Fiesta Resort & Conference Center. Hecklers welcome!

But seriously…two hours is a long time. Gimme some suggestions as to what to talk about! Otherwise I’ll be forced to start laying out my world-famous pirate jokes. Hit me up in the comments and tell me what you’d want to see/hear from a photographer if you were going to a talk like this.

This speaking gig is in conjunction with the 2 days of workshops I’m conducting in nearby Surprise, at the Lennar “Stetson Ranch” development. I have 2 spots left, one on Saturday the 31st, one on Sunday the 1rst, so if you want to attend, you should register quick.

While we’re on the subject of workshops, there’s also theĀ  coming up in August — Saturday is sold out, Sunday still has room left.

And, keep this on the down-low for now, but rumor has it that there will be another OZ series coming later this year….Melbourne is high on the list….

iPhone Photo of the Day

It’s salad season!

Scott Hargis Photo

Florida and Arizona workhops are filling up

Just a quick note that the Phoenix workshop (July 31, August 01) has only 4 spots left; 2 on Saturday, 2 on Sunday. Vero Beach has only one spot left for Saturday, but still plenty of room on Sunday.

McCutcheon Construction Wins Contest, Published in Women’s Day K and B

It was almost 10 months ago that I shot a spectacular kitchen and bath remodel in Oakland California for McCutcheon Construction. It was a great project and I got to work with Rochelle Silberman, (then) the head designer at McCutcheon. Rochelle was very hands-on during the construction and knew the project literally inside and out. We made some terrific photos that day, and McCutcheon went on to win 5th place with my photos in the CaesarStone Kitchen Design contest. The image above was designed with a print ad in mind, with plenty of space for text in the upper right corner.

The kitchen was completely re-designed by Rochelle, moving appliances and replacing everything from floor to ceiling. Locally made bamboo cabinets were matched with a linear-patterned glass tile backsplash. The warm-toned horizontal lines were broken only by the clean white of the CaesarStone countertop. Lots of attention to detail here, with electrical outlets hidden in the underside of the cabinets to preserve the unbroken lines of the backsplash, some snazzy cabinetry design, and flawless transitions from one material to another.

Following the contest win, the project was published in Women’s Day Kitchen and Bath, as part of a before-and-after “Style Updates” article.

Congrats to McCutcheon, and below are a couple more images from the project!

New Work

Today I’m launching a new “New Work” portfolio, with images made since March of this year. Click the image above to see the whole gallery. I like this collection very much, and I can remember making every one of these photos as if it were yesterday. They were fun! You might also check out my “regular” Interiors Portfolio, which I just updated by deleting some old stuff I was sick of looking at, and replacing it with images I “promoted” from last winter’s “New Work” collection.

I’ve had a pretty good run in the last couple of weeks, as well – so the material for the next portfolio update is already beginning to come together. One of the things I love about photography is the anticipation of the next project…who knows what will be in front of my camera over the next three months? Stay tuned, I’ll show you the highlights sometime in October (more or less).