iPhone Photo of the Day

It’s salad season!

Scott Hargis Photo

5 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Interesting Shot , Scott. Is this with the new iphone 4? I relate to this image, because as you know I am based in Spain. Big on Salads here. I assume whilst at your Malaga workshop that , although in January 2010 you had a Andalucían Salad? The type that, historically, somewhere has enough kick to it ,to make your eyes water. Regards.

  2. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Hi TulipChain. Your right the Malaguenos love their fried fish and ham. Did you try the headache inducing Sangria, colorful Paella and the toe curling Salad dressing . Its hot here now, so salads are high on the menu. Oh! Gazpacho to , which has been known to knock one off ones seat too

    • Oh, we did have paella at a little place near our hotel but no sangria or salads. I think we might have had gazpacho but I can’t remember… I guess we’ll have to go back soon! 😀

  3. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Absolutely! Spain would be happy to see you again. Plenty of workshop opportunities too, I should think, throughout Europe . For sure London, Paris . Rome . Mind you, I think your super busy, as it is in the bay area alone?