iPhone Photo of the Day

It’s salad season!

Scott Hargis Photo

5 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Interesting Shot , Scott. Is this with the new iphone 4? I relate to this image, because as you know I am based in Spain. Big on Salads here. I assume whilst at your Malaga workshop that , although in January 2010 you had a Andalucían Salad? The type that, historically, somewhere has enough kick to it ,to make your eyes water. Regards.

  2. Hi TulipChain. Your right the Malaguenos love their fried fish and ham. Did you try the headache inducing Sangria, colorful Paella and the toe curling Salad dressing . Its hot here now, so salads are high on the menu. Oh! Gazpacho to , which has been known to knock one off ones seat too

    • Oh, we did have paella at a little place near our hotel but no sangria or salads. I think we might have had gazpacho but I can’t remember… I guess we’ll have to go back soon! 😀

  3. Absolutely! Spain would be happy to see you again. Plenty of workshop opportunities too, I should think, throughout Europe . For sure London, Paris . Rome . Mind you, I think your super busy, as it is in the bay area alone?