Pacific Heights Trophy House

Back in April I shot this spectacular Pacific Heights (San Francisco) mansion, for David Bellings/Coldwell Banker Previews. David is the #1 Coldwell Banker agent in San Francisco, and ranked in the top 1% Internationally — and I like him because he gets GREAT material in front of my camera!

A few more from that shoot,

And finally….the iPhone version of the Twilight Exterior. I wanted them to use this one for the magazine cover, but they wanted the other one. Go figure!

4 responses to “Pacific Heights Trophy House

  1. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    I like him because he gets GREAT material in front of my camera! That’s a great scott Hargis quote.
    It looks like a huge property, you must have spent considerable time their? Plus the fact, A terrific staircase , piano , wooden floors , Just your specialty? You must be well pleased with the result?

  2. He Scott! I would have taken the iPhoneshot. I love it. It has that nice gritty feel to it 😀 Just kidding. I am looking hard for people who can get great material in front of my camera!

  3. Just wondering about the exterior shot used. No stop sign, and red post on the corner?

  4. Mike, I guess the rules are different for the magazine cover (even though it’s a real estate magazine). Anyway, I wanted that stuff gone, and they said it was OK by them, so….