Coastal Living by Westmark Development

Some assignments are tougher than others.

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot in Palm Island Plantation, a Vero Beach community by Westmark Development.

It was a busy 4 days, in which I had the pleasure of shooting with my friend and colleague M. James Northen, a tremendously talented photographer who lives in Vero. We shot the Beach Club and one of the model homes on Friday (with a few pick-up shots on Monday morning), and I taught workshops on Saturday and Sunday with 13 photographers who came from as far away as Boston, New York, and Mexico (in addition to a good number of Floridians). It was good fun, and some great shots were captured by everyone.

Steve Owen, of Westmark, does a great job of melding New England details into a distinctly Northeast Florida home: throughout the house you see features that at once are emblematic of a coastal leisure community but also harken to a Yankee background. We tried to capture that in our photos.

4 responses to “Coastal Living by Westmark Development

  1. Did you use flashes in all the interiorshots? How many? I really love those kitchenshots!

  2. Charles Lynch

    Gee what a tough gig! You’d be tempted to make it a couple of weeks wouldn’t you!

    Great set of pics too

  3. I’d be interested to hear what Scott learned from MJ and vice versa. :o)

  4. Scott — These are incredible photos, great work! The island countertop in the kitchen really pops in those pics.