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Del Mar Residence by Folio Design

A few weeks ago I had a call from Folio Design, in beautiful Del Mar, California, about shooting one of their recent projects, a (nearly) whole-house remodel. Any reason to go to San Diego is a good reason, so they didn’t have to ask twice!

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Del Mar Residence by Folio Design

A few weeks ago I had a call from Folio Design, in beautiful Del Mar, California, about shooting one of their recent projects, a (nearly) whole-house remodel. Any reason to go to San Diego is a good reason, so they didn’t have to ask twice!

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Calgary Lighting Workshop

I’ve spent a lifetime saying “CAL-gah-Ree”. Now I find out it’s “CAL-gree”. Who knew?

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce (at last) a Canadian workshop, in the great city of Calgary. In March! (Can you say, “dog-sledding”?) Sponsored by The Camera Store, it’s a 3-part event (you can attend all three, or just the parts you want): An evening lecture, a ‘beginners’ workshop, and an ‘advanced’ workshop.

Dates are March 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2011.

The Friday lecture will be some slides, some video, some stories, and a look behind the scenes of what I’m up to, day to day. Last time I did this there was almost non-stop Q&A going on, which was great because I’m pretty boring otherwise it kept me from rambling on too long (sometimes I get enthusiastic).

The Saturday and Sunday workshops will be modeled after the ones I’ve been doing, with the added twist that they’re divided into Beginner and Advanced days. The  Saturday one is geared more towards beginners who might be using off-camera flash for the first time, and folks who don’t already have experience shooting interiors, and the Sunday one is for photographers who have been shooting interiors with flash, and want to take things to the next level.

Registration and more info HERE.

In The Field

I’m taking a bath on this job!

Scott Hargis Photo

Announcing My Book — Lighting Interiors!

Exciting news today — I’m stoked to announce that I’ve got a book coming out — “The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors”!

We’re scheduled for release in Mid-October (OMG – that’s only 4 weeks away…maybe I’d better hurry up and finish that intro!) I’ve been working with Larry Lohrman at, and this will be published as an eBook on the PFRE Media imprint. You’ll be able to order on THIS SITE, and of course there’ll be a follow-up announcement here when that’s live.

On average, I receive an email a day asking me if there’s a book, a DVD, or even a brochure describing technique. Now, finally,the answer will be “yes”.

I’ve been working on this pup for about 10 months now. Being a full-time photographer and a writer is hard! My publisher wouldn’t give me an advance, so I couldn’t take 6 months in the South of France like I wanted. Instead, I wrote it around my increasingly insane shoot schedule. I wrote chapters on airplanes. I wrote chapters at 3:00am. I pulled over to the side of the highway and made notes in my iPhone about stuff I wanted to cover.

Lighting Interiors is written for photographers who are lighting residential spaces, and it’s focused on the use of small flash (e.g. speedlights), and on the need to work fast while still producing good quality. The techniques covered are the ones I use with my real estate shoots; and you’ll find that they “scale up” well and can be applied to more exacting projects as well.

All of the images in the book are from “real” shoots, but I’ve included either set-up shots, or lighting diagrams, or both for every one, along with a written description of what I did and why. The book follows an actual shoot, from bedrooms and bathrooms to living areas to the kitchen, but we also digress in order to examine “case studies” of a variety of styles of the room in question, or to discuss post-processing, or to examine reflections in depth.

I’ve still got some writing to do before this one’s in the can, so to speak, so I’m going to end this and get back to work. Watch for a release announcement in just about 4 weeks!

North Beach Condo, by Dumican Mosey Architects

Some projects are just too cool. This remodeled unit in a swank North Beach (San Francisco) neighborhood is one of them.

Designed by the San Francisco-based architectural firm Dumican Mosey, and built by PMK Construction, the space manages to hang on to its Victorian roots while allowing a 21st-century lifestyle and feel. The walls and paneling have a clean, crisp look, but the moldings retain an understated bead that carry through with the (new) period windows, as well as the exterior woodwork. A modern fireplace frames the landing from which you travel down to street level, or up to a spectacular roof deck with views of Alcatraz and Coit Tower.

We’ve been trying to schedule the roof deck shot for the past 2 months — but the coldest, foggiest summer in recent memory has defied our best efforts so far. The weather pattern has eased up lately, though, so hopefully we’ll get this done soon.

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Waltz Matilda With Me – UPDATED



Very excited today to announce a Melbourne, Victoria workshop: November 16th & 17th, 2010.

You can read more detail about it, and register, HERE.

But in a nutshell, this is going to be a good one — the house looks fantastic! Many thanks to Dennis Family Homes, for allowing us to work in one of their best models.

We’ll be working from about 9:00am to 5:00pm – so plan for a long, fun day;  you’ll have shot some outstanding material and hopefully taken away some good technique. We’ll be covering the usual agenda — equipment, fundamentals of flash, and then moving in stages from basic lighting skills to more advanced, tricky setups involving multiple lights and multiple rooms.

Scene from the Brisbane workshop, February 2010

Along the way we’ll hit on composition, workflow, strategies for dealing with reflections, shadows, and bad light, as well as anything else that comes up.

This is NOT a beginning photo workshop. Take a read through this page before you register. And hit me with an email if you’ve got any questions. The Brisbane workshop series I did earlier this year sold out in a matter of days, so if you think you’re interested, get yourself registered or at least get in touch with me soon.

For more info, search this blog under the term “workshop” and you’ll get quite a few articles and links. And of course there’s plenty of stuff on the workshop site itself.