Waltz Matilda With Me – UPDATED



Very excited today to announce a Melbourne, Victoria workshop: November 16th & 17th, 2010.

You can read more detail about it, and register, HERE.

But in a nutshell, this is going to be a good one — the house looks fantastic! Many thanks to Dennis Family Homes, for allowing us to work in one of their best models.

We’ll be working from about 9:00am to 5:00pm – so plan for a long, fun day;  you’ll have shot some outstanding material and hopefully taken away some good technique. We’ll be covering the usual agenda — equipment, fundamentals of flash, and then moving in stages from basic lighting skills to more advanced, tricky setups involving multiple lights and multiple rooms.

Scene from the Brisbane workshop, February 2010

Along the way we’ll hit on composition, workflow, strategies for dealing with reflections, shadows, and bad light, as well as anything else that comes up.

This is NOT a beginning photo workshop. Take a read through this page before you register. And hit me with an email if you’ve got any questions. The Brisbane workshop series I did earlier this year sold out in a matter of days, so if you think you’re interested, get yourself registered or at least get in touch with me soon.

For more info, search this blog under the term “workshop” and you’ll get quite a few articles and links. And of course there’s plenty of stuff on the workshop site itself.

6 responses to “Waltz Matilda With Me – UPDATED

  1. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Wow! Looks like it will be a great workshop in a nice looking property. wish I could join and learn some more. I couldn’t take in all the knowledge in one day, I had at the Malaga workshop just by the sheer amount of info, these workshops offer.

  2. Hello,
    Will try my best to save up, to travel from India to attend your Australia workshop. But just in case that is not possible, by any chance you may have any workshop in the near future in Asia or nearer to India?

  3. Hi Scott
    Paid up for the Wed.
    Will fly over from Tassie on the Tuesday night, so may be able to catch up for a few ales.
    Cheers Milton

  4. @ M — Sorry, mate, no other workshops planned right now. Possibly one in Canada next winter. Hope you can make it to Melbourne!

    @ Milton — Killer, glad you’re coming! I wish I had time to get down to Tassie.

  5. Please bring me home a koala bear. In a pinch a wallaby will do. Thanks in advance.