Calgary Lighting Workshop

I’ve spent a lifetime saying “CAL-gah-Ree”. Now I find out it’s “CAL-gree”. Who knew?

Anyway, I’m pleased to announce (at last) a Canadian workshop, in the great city of Calgary. In March! (Can you say, “dog-sledding”?) Sponsored by The Camera Store, it’s a 3-part event (you can attend all three, or just the parts you want): An evening lecture, a ‘beginners’ workshop, and an ‘advanced’ workshop.

Dates are March 4th, 5th, and 6th, 2011.

The Friday lecture will be some slides, some video, some stories, and a look behind the scenes of what I’m up to, day to day. Last time I did this there was almost non-stop Q&A going on, which was great because I’m pretty boring otherwise it kept me from rambling on too long (sometimes I get enthusiastic).

The Saturday and Sunday workshops will be modeled after the ones I’ve been doing, with the added twist that they’re divided into Beginner and Advanced days. The  Saturday one is geared more towards beginners who might be using off-camera flash for the first time, and folks who don’t already have experience shooting interiors, and the Sunday one is for photographers who have been shooting interiors with flash, and want to take things to the next level.

Registration and more info HERE.

13 responses to “Calgary Lighting Workshop

  1. 1) I thought it was cal GARY.
    2) You said dog sledding! No take backs!
    3) Yay.
    4) Eh?

  2. Okay, getting closer, at least you’re back on the North American continent. Still on pins and needles for a USA workshop before the end of 2010, southeast would be even better.

    • Debra, you can remove the pins — there won’t be any other workshops in North America this year! I don’t have any prospects at all, actually, other than Calgary.

  3. Do you ever do any workshops in the UK?

  4. Dang, you really know how to hurt a girl. A deep South girl in Calgary in March-hmmm don’t know if my thin blood can handle it!

  5. Yay! We can meet in person and I can buy you that beer for doing my portfolio critique!

  6. Any plans on coming to Toronto or somewhere close where the return air fair is less then $600??
    How could you go to Calgary before Toronto? 🙂

  7. hey scott finally! its a good thing that I googled you again, i’ll definitely signup for this, i remember that i asked you this question maybe a year ago and now it look like dream come true.! at last i will meet you in person.

  8. Scott, you may have noticed that both your beginner & advanced courses in Calgary are filled and I regret not having to register early. I will see you however on March 3, 2011 when you hold a seminar version of interior & architectural photography. Will you be doing more of the same courses again in Calgary?

  9. Darn!!!! SOLD OUT already….. jeesh what a disappointment 😦