Del Mar Residence by Folio Design

A few weeks ago I had a call from Folio Design, in beautiful Del Mar, California, about shooting one of their recent projects, a (nearly) whole-house remodel. Any reason to go to San Diego is a good reason, so they didn’t have to ask twice!

Erin McGilvery and her partners brought a lot of geometry to the design of this space, which gave it strong graphic lines and made for some really fun photography. After reviewing a few scouting photos, we agreed that the ideal time to shoot this house was late afternoon/evening, and we were right.

I had a really good time shooting the skylights Folio installed in the hallways.

5 responses to “Del Mar Residence by Folio Design

  1. You shouldn’t be allowed to go to San Diego without me.

  2. I want to go to there too!

  3. fantastic

  4. Stunning place and beautiful photos, Scott.
    You are really good at nailing the tight compositions.

    Can you say a little about how you lit these?

  5. Peter, it was pretty complicated, except for the living room shot, which was pretty straightforward (and a lot of ambient). But I used the kitchen as an example in my upcoming book, so you’ll get a chance to see that one completely broken down in a couple weeks!