1930s Luxury For Sale in Piedmont, CA

Designed by Albert Farr and built in 1931, this outstanding Tudor has been maintained beautifully! It’s on the market now, and I had the chance to shoot it over the course of several days in September.

4 responses to “1930s Luxury For Sale in Piedmont, CA

  1. I’d like to buy it. Will they accept trades, do you think? I have coffee grounds, an old 35mm Pentax, a color enlarger (well, a complete darkroom set up, actually) or a Kate Spade diaper bag I could trade. Lemmenou. Thanks.

  2. Don’t put everything on the table right away — I’d go in with a lowball offer, let them come to you.

  3. Yeah, that does look like a pretty nice place. Beautiful detailing in the woodwork. Nicely photographed too, of course…