Arts & Crafts Happiness

This house was lifted off the foundation, moved to one side, essentially gutted, then rebuilt and set back in place, by Custom Kitchens of Oakland. Owner Jerry Wilkins and designer Linda McKenna really did a job on this one, even to the point of having cabinetry built to spec in Texas and then assembled on-site.

This was my first project with Custom Kitchens, and I have to say I’m hoping for more. Some of these images have been entered into the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) Design contest….so with a little luck I may have more to report on this in the future!

Can’t resist adding a staircase shot to this!

7 responses to “Arts & Crafts Happiness

  1. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Scott! A great job, you certainly get some terrific properties in America. Is it me or a personal taste, but I prefer the look wit the window pull? Some how makes the image more vibrant. Still either way, the best look in the business.

  2. What a gorgeous home!

    Quick question: did you use an SB-80 with a stofen cap in the bathtub?

    Thanks for all you share!

  3. My guess is that the tub is being lit with light from the sun coming in the window.

    Great work as usual, Scott! Regarding window pull, I try to dial mine back a bit as people subconsciously expect it to be brighter outside and thus a bit more washed out. Unless the view is of a beach for an expensive waterfront home (with the exterior as much a selling point as the interior) I don’t fret too much about pulling the windows.

  4. Looks like there is a flash in the tub. Take a look at the shadow of the shelf on the left. If that’s the case, it’s very creative and something I would never think of. I would love to see lighting diagrams on these shots like the ones in his book (which is great by the way).

  5. Thanks, guys. No flash in the tub (is that anything like a flash in the pan?) — that’s sunlight. The lighting in these shots ranges from really simple to really complicated! It was a fun shoot, got to try out some new tricks.

  6. This is four times now that i’ve landed on your website in the last 2 days while searching Bing for absolutely unrelated things. Kinda weird. Keep up the good blogging!

  7. After looking at their web-site I think it’s safe to say Scott will be doing some more work for them. Some fairly bizarre photography going on there…