Slik (video tripod) Lightstands

I’ve been enthusiastically proselytizing about using small, lightweight, inexpensive video tripods as lightstands for interiors work for some time now. The ones I have I bought several years ago (a testament to how sturdy they are) are the Slik SVD-20, and they’ve been discontinued for quite some time.

Malia Campbell, over at TulipChain Photography, has found a great replacement – and she’s written it up, along with a quick description of a fantastic modification (thanks, Mike Yothers!) that allows you to attach an umbrella quickly and easily. If you’re shooting interiors, I highly recommend everything contained in this article.

3 responses to “Slik (video tripod) Lightstands

  1. Hello Scott. I am really enjoying your book about lighting interiors with small flashes. Actually tracked down a few Nikon SB80s but now need a stand. The Slik stands you mentioned are discontinued. Can you tell me of any suggestions for a replacement? I see something mentioned in your blog but the text has been deleted. Thanks.

    Scott Quintard