(Essential Guide to) Lighting Interiors on the Strobist Bookshelf

I’m honored this week to find that my book, The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors, is one of 9 books recommended by David Hobby, over on Strobist.com. (His “bookshelf” also features a couple of videos, and his own very worthwhile set of DVDs).

It’s humbling to be in that company. And I’m pretty sure McNally is out-selling me, but that’s OK.

You can listen to a 10-minute discussion of the book over on Mike Miriello’s blog, The Real Estate Photography Podcast. Please note that I recorded that interview about a day after I returned from Norway; so if I sound like a blithering idiot, it’s the jetlag. It’s the JETLAG!

Thanks to everyone who has sent their comments on the book – it’s very appreciated. Happy New Year — I think 2011 will see some awesome projects!

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