Interiors, Humans.

Above is an entire shoot I did earlier this month – every frame I made – in a very cool industrial loft conversion in West Oakland.

I shot the Cigar Factory Lofts (Saxland Development) in December, and they were first on my list when I was looking for a location to do some test shooting with models. With the big expansive floorplan, high ceilings, large windows, exposed brick and trusses — I knew things would look good. There’s a couple outtakes below, including an ambient-only shot for you with lighting fetishes.

In the video above, I’ve compressed a 3-hour shoot into about 2 minutes. It pauses briefly on the shots we felt worked. This was a fun project and I’m currently scouting locations for a follow-up….so stay tuned.

7 responses to “Interiors, Humans.

  1. Lovely models to work with Scott. And what a caracter has this loft!

  2. Scott, a lovely clean, modern and simple feel, and the lighting results in an unlit feel which is very pleasing to see. Now, I realise I am a lighting fetishist (I had a suspicion that I might be – now you confirmed it) because it was indeed the ambient only shot that I immediately sought out).

  3. Lovely crisp shot. The lighting on the people is perfect as well! Thankfully this was a post about Humans in Building Interiors and not the Interiors of humans, which was my first thought when it arrived in my inbox!

    Keep up the good stuff – looking forward to seeing more of your work in 2011.

    • I actually delayed publishing this post by about 24 hours because of the raging inner debate I was having about whether to do a truly immature pun with those words.

      Now I regret not doing it.

  4. I have been wanting to do a project like that for a while. Do you have some thoughts on the logistics of the project like obtaining models, getting the management to go along with adding the humans to the shoot.

    Really well done as usual!

  5. James,
    This was totally self-produced. I had already shot the place once, and they were pretty happy with me, so I was able to get access for a day easily by offering the developer photos.
    Models came from Craigslist, I did the casting via headshots and full-body shots the candidates emailed me. Ditto for makeup.
    It’s a lot of work to put it together, but well worth it. I did another one of these a week ago, I’m still sorting through the stills and video, but I’m sure there’ll be a post up here about that before too long.
    My advice is, just do it!

  6. Yes, it is a really wonderful space.