Modern Kitchen by 1 Columbia Design

This shoot was a real pleasure.

Kathleen Divney (1 Columbia Design) put together this kitchen on a strict budget, but kept it stylish and modern. We were shooting the reverse angle of this, and struggling with the large negative space formed by the countertop ell, when Kathleen dumped a bag of winter melons out on it. Bingo! It made the shot.

This was the last shot of the day, and when we scattered the melons across the ell, it pulled all the elements together. I knew I had a winner even before I looked at the laptop display.

4 responses to “Modern Kitchen by 1 Columbia Design

  1. Nice. Would the melons have worked as well w/o the flowers and apples? To my eye those three color elements pull your eye through the image .

    • Pametz,

      You’re right, and the Pellegrino bottles are part of that chain, too. It’s no accident; we spent quite a bit of time on styling this shot. There’s even more than that going on, when you start looking at the dominant shapes in this photo.

  2. I still don’t see how the green scattered ‘makes’ the shot. I get that your eye travels around the green but then again the first thing my eye went to was the green scattered – which makes me think ‘messy’. Can you post an image without the melons on it?

  3. I agree the melons felt a little messy. I kept wishing a couple of the flowers were on the counter instead. Overall a very nice shot.