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New Work

Yep, it’s that time again — indeed well past time — so here’s the Spring 2011 New Work collection! Click the image above to see the entire collection.

These are images made since October of 2010 (the last time I updated my portfolio). The collection includes interiors by 1Columbia Design, Bleu Leman Design, Custom Kitchens of Oakland, Dennis Family Homes, Dumican Mosey Architects, LMB Interiors, McCutcheon Construction, and McGrath Properties, among others. I’m proud and excited to be working with these great firms!

While I was at it, I updated my “standard” Interiors and Exteriors portfolios, and (best of all) my iPhone portfolio. Man, I love making those iPhone shots.

And now it’s back to work…..the next project beckons….

Office Day

I hate Office Days.

There. I said it. If I could spend every single day shooting, it would be Nirvana….but the ugly truth is that a large percentage of my time is spent right here, at my desk, staring at a big ‘ol monitor.

And so here I am, taking a break at 4:00pm. My day started at 6:30, and knowing that I would be on my butt most of the day I began with a brisk 20-minute walk down to Peet’s for some caffeine, and then across the street to Arizmendi’s for my favorites: a Brioche Knot, and a Corn-Cherry scone.

By 8:00 I’m shaved, showered, caffeinated and ready for work. I find that one of the tricks to staying productive on these days (when I’m yearning to do ANYTHING else) is to dress for the occasion: no sweat pants or t-shirts! Nice jeans, a button-down shirt, and shoes….just as if I had a real job. Helps me “feel” like I should be working. But just the same, I drink another coffee while I read my morning blogs (and, of course, “Doonesbury”.)

The first real task is some quick photo editing. I had a real estate shoot yesterday, while I downloaded the card and ranked the “winners” last night, now I have to go through and do RAW edits and whatever Photoshop is necessary. There are eleven photos, and I’ve got that done in about half an hour. Mostly color and toning adjustments, which go pretty quickly.  On to the real work of the day!

The rest of the morning is spent on a proposal for an upcoming shoot. There’s nothing more tedious than writing up a proposal and treatment, but this project is more interesting than most because it involves helicopter aerials and some video components — and I discover a smokin’ deal on helo charters that I hadn’t known about before. Nice!

Writing up the treatment involves a bunch of tedious work with Google Earth, and then using Photoshop to draw arrows and numbers and text on the images, to convey what I’m proposing to the client. Clients love this stuff, but it’s time-consuming to produce.

Around Noon I take another 40-minute walk down to the post office and the library, just to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. Back again at my desk, I spend the next couple of hours updating a marketing database in preparation for the launch of my next “New Work” portfolio, which is scheduled for early next week. More tedium, this time in Excel.

The rest of the afternoon is gear maintenance. Color calibrating my monitors, cleaning lenses, fixing a broken tripod. A few phone calls, a LOT of emails. I’ve been totally absorbed in tax prep work for the last week or two, so there’s a lot of stuff I’ve been neglecting. Now that the taxes are off to the accountant, I can get back to things like, you know, photography.

And here it is, 4:20pm, and my desk is still as cluttered as it was when I started! What the hell?! …..Still, I got a lot done today, and the payoff will be next week when I can be focused on shooting again.

Only 35 minutes to 5:00pm……when I can legitimately pop open a bottle of beer…..

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

More Lifestyle/Interiors

You may have noticed
a steady increase in the appearance of living, breathing, humans in my photography over the past few months. While the bulk of my work is (and is likely to continue to be) straight-up interiors/architecture, I’m also having a good time experimenting with lifestyle photography. So, from time to time, I’m self-producing (read: self-financing) lifestyle shoots, as well.

Just as in the Cigar Factory Loft project, this was a property I was already familiar with, having shot it last year. When my client offered it to me to use for this project, I jumped at the chance, because I knew it had TONS of potential.

This time, there was also a video shoot happening at the same time. Malia Campbell was in town and wanted to shoot a mock “Client Testimonial” video that would appeal to her real estate client base, so we coordinated our goals and pooled resources to make the most out of the opportunity. We even shared a couple of the models!
…photos and video after the jump…

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

O, Canada

Note(s) to self:

  • Vancouver has really, really good food.
  • Calgary is not only really cold, but really, really cool, too.
  • Try to brush up on your hockey knowledge before traveling to Canada, not while at the bar, trying to impress people.
  • Don’t underestimate the zealous-ness of Canadian Border Patrol Guards

That last point is especially important. Seriously, just take my word for it.

I’m finally out from under the mountain of backlogged emails, jobs, and chores that piled up while I was in Death Valley for a few days, followed by a few days in Seattle (truncated courtesy of the CBP), followed by a few days in Vancouver (almost eliminated by the CBP), followed by a few days in Calgary (nyah-nyah-nyah, CBP! Can’t keep a good man down!). I’m pretty glad to be home. Full workshop recap, with photos, after the jump Continue reading

iPhone Photo of the Day

Headshot Day!!

Scott Hargis Photo

iPhone Photo of the Day

I was kind of fascinated with this thing.

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

I Speak Canadian!

And I’ll be proving it tomorrow night, 7:00pm, in the Grand Ballroom at the Ramada Downtown Calgary.

I’ll be on for about an hour and a half, with slides, videos, and of course my amazing pirate jokes more. Plenty of time for Q&A as well. If you can handle the cold, come on out!

Scheduling: I’m going head-to-head with the Calgary Flames, who are in contention for a Division title…..but the team they’re playing is the last-place St. Louis Blues, so really….you aren’t missing much by bagging the hockey and coming to see me.