iPhone Photo of the Day

Headshot Day!!

Scott Hargis Photo

7 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. What did you do with Krysti?!?!

  2. She’s got her own conference room.

  3. Is that a bounce-shoot thru sandwich set-up? That’s funky looking! 😉

  4. John Becker

    I’ll bet it was fun controlling all that extra bounce off the right-hand wall…

  5. That’s what I call a modified Brolly Box — I’m firing the head into the silver bounce umbrella (visible in the upper right corner) and the light comes back out through the white satin shoot-through. Makes nice light, TOTALLY fills the umbrella evenly, something that’s almost impossible to do otherwise.
    One of these days I’ll break down and get a softlighter of some sort….but the nice big ones won’t fit into these tiny little conference rooms, so I’m sure I’ll continue to have need for improvisations like this one.

  6. Cool! And a homemade beauty dish hair light?

    • Yep, and not seen in this photo is the homemade grid, with the sample pack warming gel that I use to put a highlight on the shadow side of my subjects’ head.