New Work

Yep, it’s that time again — indeed well past time — so here’s the Spring 2011 New Work collection! Click the image above to see the entire collection.

These are images made since October of 2010 (the last time I updated my portfolio). The collection includes interiors by 1Columbia Design, Bleu Leman Design, Custom Kitchens of Oakland, Dennis Family Homes, Dumican Mosey Architects, LMB Interiors, McCutcheon Construction, and McGrath Properties, among others. I’m proud and excited to be working with these great firms!

While I was at it, I updated my “standard” Interiors and Exteriors portfolios, and (best of all) my iPhone portfolio. Man, I love making those iPhone shots.

And now it’s back to work…..the next project beckons….

7 responses to “New Work

  1. Scott- Awesome set of images! Good show!

  2. Beautiful! Your New Work galleries are always such an inspiration!

  3. You set the bar high for RE Photographers every where. Every time I shoot I’m looking for ways to improve my skill set and better myself to be a photographer of your caliber. Thank you for the motivation!

  4. Thanks, everyone!

    @ Brandon — for what it’s worth, there’s only 1 image in that set that was shot for real estate!

  5. Scott,
    What incredible images! I agree with the others, truly an inspiration.

  6. @ Scott – Nonetheless, your work in incredible. I’ve read your book twice now and every time I shoot I learn more and more. I hope you do a workshop in California in the near future!

  7. Hey Scott beautiful work – you have a very definitive style which is a major goal of every photographer. Are you going to be in the NYC area anytime soon?

    Tony C