iPhone Photo of the Day

On location at Southy’s, in Oakland California, with Laura Martin Bovard Interiors. Nothing like a 5:00am call time to make one appreciate one’s coffee!

Scott Hargis Photo

10 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Is that your coffee or your lens on the table?

  2. Charles Mackenzie-Hill

    Starting that early certainly makes for a long day. Not trying to shoot video before sun up are you?

    • Stills. Before the sun, except that no one told the early AM prep cook, who refused to let us in at 5:00am, and so we had to wait until the Jefe showed up at 6:00, and then rush like hell to get our shots before the sunlight came pouring in the front windows. In the end, I embraced the sunlight and shot straight back into it for some cool effects. Not exactly the shot I showed up to do, but it ought to get the job done for the client.

  3. Ok, now for the important question: where’d you get the mug?

  4. The client is anxiously awaiting the results and is sure to be impressed. It was delightful to work with you Scott and fun to get wired on caffeine and eat pastries so early in the morning. I’m sure the results will be fabulous.

    And for the record it’s called Southie

  5. Scott,
    What type of tripod is that with a 90 degree arm or is that a Magic Arm attached to your tripod?
    It’s nice to get the camera away from the tripod sometimes.


    • Mike, that’s a Gitzo Explorer tripod with a center post that goes horizontal — I love this thing for when I need to run the camera out over something (like a countertop). I’ve used the Magic Arm in the past for these situations, but it’s not nearly as stable as this. Easier to maneuver, though.