Coastal Living by Bleu Leman Design

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to work with Diane Leifer (Bleu Leman Design) on her latest project in Oakland. This could have been somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard — the muted colors and textures were very reminiscent of the beach, or so it seemed to me. Diane used seashells and marine motifs along with classic farmhouse accessories to make a very charming space, and still kept it warm and inviting.

We worked through a long afternoon and into the early evening to produce a great set of photos.  Enjoy!

One response to “Coastal Living by Bleu Leman Design

  1. Great set.

    I especially like the tight compositions – they bring us into the home, making it feel quite cosy and welcoming.
    My favorite is the hallway (?). That chalkboard is a killer detail! 🙂