Location Scouting with SunSeeker

I use this app almost daily. In the example above, for instance, I was able to ascertain the path of the sun across the actual location I’ll be shooting in 2 weeks — even though it was heavy overcast during the scout. Invaluable when you’re lining up resources and plunking down hard cash prior to a shoot! I wanna know, not guess, that the sun will be where I want it at a given time!

4 responses to “Location Scouting with SunSeeker

  1. Hi Scott,

    Does this app also work on an iPad?

  2. @John,

    Yes, it works on iPad: http://www.ozpda.com/ (Official Site)

  3. @Andrey
    Thanks for your answer! I’ve won an iPad2 last week on an exhibition. So I’m looking now for usefull app’s. Number one is found 😉

  4. Thanks, Andrey….I still don’t have an iPad, so I didn’t know one way or another.