This Week in Photos — May 20

The vast majority of my work this week is embargoed for the short term, but still there are a few images I can share…these images were made in Alameda, Oakland, Piedmont, Richmond, and El Cerrito.

Happy Friday!

5 responses to “This Week in Photos — May 20

  1. Thanks for sharing, Scott. Your photos serve as inspiration and are a reminder to not shoot so wide as I normally do…

  2. Juan Antonio

    Congratulations from Spain. Your photos are incredible !

  3. Fantastic staircase. Seems quite mediterranean style.
    Great work once again, Scott.

    PS – quite a late comment, but I’ve been missing your updates.


  4. Michael Phelan

    As Pedro says, the staircase shot is beautiful.
    And I agree with Scott DuBose that you don’t shoot too wide. A very nice and natural look, similar to Architectural Digest. Do you usually limit your wide angles to 24mm in full frame?

  5. Thanks, everyone!
    @ Michael Phelan, 24mm is a great focal length, but I sometimes go wider. I’ve been as wide as 17mm, but generally I can’t live with the distortion below around 22mm or so.