Live From the Inbox – v.2

I get letters from all over!

It’s been a busy year, here at SHP Global Headquarters. And I’ve not been as good as I ought to be about responding to emails. But there are a LOT of them, and frankly it’s hard to keep up sometimes. Here’s a sampling, on topics I think might have broad appeal:

David from Canada (and about a hundred others) writes:    “…I am beginning the adventure of real estate photography…I was curious if you would have any advice on where the price point (ball park) would be on full house coverage…..”

David, and everyone else: Finally there are some clear resources for this. Start with THIS ARTICLE, then read THIS ARTICLE on Larry Lohrman’s fine blog, But the really good one is HERE. As is often the case, the best stuff is in the comments, so settle in and read all the way to the bottom.

Andrew, from North Carolina writes: “…do you know of an alternative tripod similar to the SVD-20 you mention in your gear bag video?”

Andrew:  Yep! HERE YOU GO.

Leo, from Canada writes: “….How do you deliver your photos to your clients?”

Leo: Unless my clients request a specific size and file format, I default to 3000 pixels by 2000 pixels, JPEG, Quality 10 for print-resolution files, and 800 pixels by 533 pixels, JPEG, Quality 8 for screen-resolution files. 3000 x 2000 will get them a print up to about 8″ x 10″, which is enough for most; the ones who print bigger than that (or who have a specific print application in mind) are usually savvy enough to request specific sizes and formats. Some of you are horrified that I’m compressing my JPEGs that much — and for you I have THIS LINK.

David, from Canada (lots of Canadians writing, lately) writes: “I recently purchased your book….It worked!…I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can explain the whole concept of the ‘shutter speed for ambient light’ and the ‘aperture for the strobes’. I re-read chapters 3, 4, and 5 so many times my eyes crossed.  Please help me!”

David: Better than anything I could say or write, is THIS VIDEO, by Paul Duncan.

John from British Columbia (what IS it with these Canadians?!) writes: “…wondering how you managed to add enough fill light to one of your ‘New Work’ images (white staircase with the sun coming in). Where did you place the lights for this shot?

John: This is one of the most-asked-about images in my portfolio! This shot was made at 1/30th, f/13, ISO 100 (and it’s a shift-stitch). The main light is an 200 or 400-watt strobe bounced off of the ceiling on the second floor (can’t remember how much light I used), with additional fill on the first floor, camera left, through an umbrella. The window was replaced with a more pleasing view in post.

And finally, I heard from Tony, Sam, George, Trish, Sandeep, Julie, Arnaud, and about 800 others asking, “…When is the next workshop?!”

I’ve got a couple of things in the works (more than a couple, actually) so stay tuned on that front. I’m working on things for North America, and abroad.

3 responses to “Live From the Inbox – v.2

  1. I’m working on things for North America, and abroad.

    You mean, like, Spain? In November? 😀

  2. I think somebody wants to go along.

  3. Any chance of a North America workshop close to your home? SF or Tahoe? I would be so excited!