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Classic Mid-Century Modern For Sale

Earlier this year I was fortunate to team up again with Quentin Bacon on another Michael Thompson (Sotheby’s International) real estate project — this one in Orinda, California.

92 Sandhill, Orinda, CA Full write-up, video, and photos after the jump!

iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Kitchen!

Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos: June 24, 2011

It’s all one house, this week: everything else pales in comparison to this Richard Janzen contemporary I shot in the Oakland hills. I felt like a kid in a candy store – amazing compositions everywhere, and the art on the walls was pretty outrageous, too. Don’t miss the Warhol over the fireplace…

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Classic California by Bleu Leman Design

Lucy the Puppy made the perfect complement to the primary shot! She should get a Model Mayhem account!

I spent another great day with Diane Leifer (Bleu Leman Design) recently, working on a living room and master suite in Berkeley, California. If  you follow this blog, you’ve seen Diane’s stuff before – we shot another living room a few months ago.

More photos after the jump…

This Week in Photos: June 17, 2011

This week saw the usual mix of old, new, shiny, and decrepit. Perversely, I kind of liked the decrepit best!

The living room shot above was just begging for a detail shot..

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iPhone Photo of the Day


Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos, June 10, 2011

It’s back! This week I’ve got images from lots of different places, mostly traditional stuff like the Tudor above (this week marked the 4th time I’ve shot this house, it feels like an old friend now).

More photos after the jump!

Modern Kitchen by Andrew Morrall & Houseworks

They don’t get much more clean and crisp than this, folks.

A few weeks ago I worked with architect Andrew Morrall to shoot this kitchen, and an adjacent bath, built by Jeff Kann at Houseworks, in San Francisco. We identified 5 or 6 unique compositions, and I riffed on each of them, eventually piling up over 20 photos! With all of these angles and shapes, the possibilities were nearly endless. more photos after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day


Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos – June 3, 2011

I got nothin’!!

I’m serious — slowest week in a long time, and there is absolutely nothing to share today. So instead, I’m introducing you to my good friend Henri Cartier-Bresson, who speaks more eloquently about photography and form and art than I could ever hope to. When Cartier-Bresson talks about angles, shapes, tones, and that “perfect” composition or moment, he makes me want to re-double my efforts to find those elements in my own work. Shulman called it “Visual Acoustics”…’s the same thing.

Luckily, I’m off for a half day shoot with Bleu Leman Design — which is sure to generate some great material for a future post! Gotta go!