Traditional Bedroom by Laura Martin Bovard

Recently I had the pleasure of working again with Laura Bovard (Laura Martin Bovard Interiors), this time on a traditional bedroom she created for the CLS Home Tour fundraiser.

Once Laura got the music going, things really started grooving and we produced a great set of photos….enjoy!

For me, the key to this shot was retaining the wonderful color and texture in the window...

While we were at it, we did a portrait of Laura....

Laura also styled the dining room for this project, so we got a few detail shots in there, too.


5 responses to “Traditional Bedroom by Laura Martin Bovard

  1. Got to say Scott, one of the most impressive aspects of your work is the exceptional color temp you seem to achieve. Are your color correcting techniques covered in your ebook?

    • Thanks, Bob. It’s not the main focus of the book, but color correction comes up a couple of times – once with regard to gels (to balance flash with ambient) and again the post-production chapter. One key tool that was used in these photos is a color calibration target — I use the X-rite Passport.

  2. Lovely room, beautifully presented and capture – a great team! cheers from downunder, Chris

  3. Scott, apart from that I digg your photographs big time I would like to know why you chose the relatively shallow dof in the last “dining room detail” shot. My first reaction would’ve been to go to f22 or unpack a tilt shift lens to get everything in focus. Not a critisism, just curious really. Again, thanks for posting these!

    • Jim, this is a detail shot, and if I’d had sharp focus through the entire scene it would have been cluttered and (ironically) “un-focussed”, compositionally. I want the viewer to register the overall patterns and colors and gestalt of the tabletop, but I also want to pull their eye in to the place setting in the foreground. Otherwise, it’s just to busy and disorganized to be pretty.