Modern Kitchen by Andrew Morrall & Houseworks

They don’t get much more clean and crisp than this, folks.

A few weeks ago I worked with architect Andrew Morrall to shoot this kitchen, and an adjacent bath, built by Jeff Kann at Houseworks, in San Francisco. We identified 5 or 6 unique compositions, and I riffed on each of them, eventually piling up over 20 photos! With all of these angles and shapes, the possibilities were nearly endless.

A key component of the space was a set of laminated panels that moved along a ceiling track, allowing the homeowners to partition off the dining area, in whole or in part. I’d never seen anything like these, and they really made the space(s) dynamic.

The last shot of the day, and my favorite, was this abstract view of the ceiling above the stairwell, showing the movable panels, a skylight, the track, and a light fixture. I always sucked at geometry, but I love shots like these!

2 responses to “Modern Kitchen by Andrew Morrall & Houseworks

  1. Geez that was a low POV! Nice work as usual!

  2. Brilliant to see so many different types of images from one room, you have opened my mind to looking at getting some different viewpoints happening…