This Week in Photos, June 10, 2011

It’s back! This week I’ve got images from lots of different places, mostly traditional stuff like the Tudor above (this week marked the 4th time I’ve shot this house, it feels like an old friend now).

Happy Friday. I’m pouring a glass of white……

3 responses to “This Week in Photos, June 10, 2011

  1. Great work, as usual Scott! Curious, why so many trips back to the same house? Different listings/agents?

    • Sometimes shoots get split up into 2 or more sessions, because of weather, time constraints, ongoing construction, or whatever…so I’m counting that. I shot the Tudor (lead-off photo above) on at least a couple of occassions last year when it first came on the market. Since then they’ve done a major-league project involving demolishing a detached garage, building a new, attached, garage, and totally re-landscaping the backyard complete with tennis court and raised patio. So….a couple more trips for me.
      And sometimes I’ve got multiple clients. In this case I was first hired by the interior designer for a half day, and it turned out that the place was going on the market with a long-time real estate client of mine, so that turned into 3 more trips, and even aerials…a total of 5 visits to the property! I got to know the dog quite well…

  2. oh, man. i see your stuff and just think about giving up… but i had to steal your idea of fruit on the counter for a 4 story townhouse I did last weekend.