Classic California by Bleu Leman Design

Lucy the Puppy made the perfect complement to the primary shot! She should get a Model Mayhem account!

I spent another great day with Diane Leifer (Bleu Leman Design) recently, working on a living room and master suite in Berkeley, California. If  you follow this blog, you’ve seen Diane’s stuff before – we shot another living room a few months ago.

Here, Diane (a Swiss ex-pat) has gone completely native, working with warm colors and gently eclectic styles to produce an amazingly comfortable room. In photographing it, I tried to create a mood that matched the style — warm, comfortable, casual yet crisp.

After we’d worked the living room, we moved upstairs to the master suite. We shot the bedroom and then focused on the master bath. I’m not sure if “warm green” is a color, but if it is…..this is it:

I’m stoked to see what’s next from Bleu Leman!

2 responses to “Classic California by Bleu Leman Design

  1. Wow! What great spaces… Nice Shots, Scott! Jugana

  2. In the first shot, why have that large flower blocking the fireplace?