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This Week in Photos: July 29, 2011

It’s a bakers’ dozen this week, with images spanning nearly a full century of architectural styles – from ’20s Spanish Mediterranean to a Contemporary 3-decker.

Me, I’m opening a bottle of white and taking the night off. Happy Friday!

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New Work From Scott Hargis Photo!

My Summer New Work Collection goes live today! Click the image above to see the whole portfolio. I updated other areas of my website as well, so while you’re there, click around a little.

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This Week In Photos: July 22, 2011

It’s back!

After two (or was it three?) weeks of shooting nothing but stuff I can’t show you yet, I finally have a few images I can share right away. Enjoy!

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iPhone Photo of the Day

(Still) On location with Atria, in Walnut Creek, California…

Scott Hargis Photo

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Atria Senior Living in Walnut Creek, California. Alan Vance applying ND gels to the can lights…..we shot until 10:30pm, back for more tomorrow morning!

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos: July 03, 2011

A slow week – I’ve got exactly 5 photos to share! Enjoy! “This Week In Photos” will be on vacation next week, but I’ll be back on the 15th with something, promise! see the rest of the photos after the jump