LMB Interiors Featured on Decorati

Very nice to see my client Laura Martin Bovard featured on Decorati.com — along with images I made of two of her projects (here, and here).

I like working with Laura because she’s intensely focussed, and willing to put in the work to attain a really good photograph, no matter what it takes.  (I remember sitting in a cold car with her at 5:00am sipping coffee while we waited for pre-dawn access to a restaurant she designed. Between us, we barely had enough Spanglish to talk our way past the prep cook, who hadn’t been told about the shoot). On-set, she’s intent, but relaxed, clearly having a good time even as she obsesses over details.

She’s assertive enough to speak up when a shot isn’t working for her, but also open to my arguments when I push for an angle she hadn’t considered. Between us, we’ve produced some images that are among my all-time favorites.

Laura’s wrapping up some cool new projects, so I’m looking forward to our next shoot!

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