This Week in Photos: August 19, 2011

A very slow week. I spent most of my time re-organizing gear into a couple of new used equipment cases, and working on pre-production for stuff happening over the next  3 weeks, some of which is pretty cool.

Since it was fairly popular, I’m including before/afters again this week, starting with the before of the lead photo, above. Enjoy!

5 responses to “This Week in Photos: August 19, 2011

  1. Are you tempted to remove the light on the wood floors from the windows? They are so bright that they make distract from the other portions of the rooms.

  2. Good luck getting rid of those streaks of sunlight on the floors. Personally it does not bother me and actually creates a sense of how the windows will affect the rooms atmosphere. Looking forward to Scott’s thoughts.

  3. A) how would you do it?
    B) how would you explain their absence? They’re supposed to be there! Better to compose with them in mind – they’re well-defined shapes with strong tonal components….very useful to me!

  4. thanks for sharing, I very much enjoy seeing the before/after images, great job.

  5. Mason Trullinger

    Wow Scott these are great. Adding the lights from outside aiming in really setsbsome of these apart. Were you using any modifiers on those exterior lights? I would love to see a lighting diagram for the first one.

    Thanks for posting these!