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This Week in Photos: September 30, 2011

A quiet week, here in Lake Woebegon Oakland….but I’ve pulled a quartet of images for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Friday; I’m about to settle back with some Porcini Ravioli (made with Thyme-enfused pasta) and a nice glass of Red!

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Archive Wednesday: January 2010

Berkeley, California; January, 2010.

iPhone Photo of the Day

Shooting twilight time lapse!

Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos: September 23, 2011

Not a whole lot this week, but here it is, (such as it is…). Craftsman, Arts & Crafts, and a super-cool little bungalow that persistently reminded me of a yacht, for it’s compact, efficient space.

I’m wrapping up the week with dinner at Pican.

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This Week in Photos: On Vacation


This Week In Photos is taking a well-deserved break, hiking in the Sierras (Kuna Crest, for those of you familiar with the Tioga Pass area). It’ll return next week!

Ronda, Spain Workshop Update

For those who are already enrolled, and for those on the bubble — here’s a bit more info regarding our venue for the Spain Workshop in November.

We’ll be shooting the utterly charming estate shown above – all 250 hectares of it – so bring your “A” game because the portfolio opportunities abound! You can see more of the property (apparently shot by a local RE photographer – anyone want to claim these?) HERE. This is a way better website than what I had previously for this place.

You can either fly your helicopter in (land on the estate’s private helipad) or caravan in from Ronda, which is 10 – 15 minutes away. I’ve got a couple of hotel recommendations for Ronda, which I can email out to anyone interested.

The property manager is extremely excited to have us, and the place will be groomed, cleaned, and in pristine condition for us. This workshop will be epic! You can register HERE, and don’t hesitate to email me with questions.

Master Suite by McCutcheon

Several weeks ago I returned to the address of this project to shoot the newly completed Master Suite, upstairs. I had seen this while it was still under construction, and even visited the site once or twice to take “before” and “in-progress” photos. Here’s what the bath, pictured above, looked like back in May:

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iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

iPhone Photo of the Day


Scott Hargis Photo

This Week in Photos: September 09, 2011

It was a full week of shooting, and lots of lighting fun every day. Here’s a nice collection for your weekend enjoyment! Me, I’m off to Puyallup(!) and Friday Harbor for the weekend.

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